Back Massage
Back Massage

massage,peaceful, well-being, health, circulation , skin, muscletone.

Older woman in lotus pose by the sea
Older woman in lotus pose by the sea

Back Massage
Back Massage

massage,peaceful, well-being, health, circulation , skin, muscletone.


Specialist therapies for well and empowered women

Women are elemental, they are creators and nurture babies, families and careers, often going without out self care and an opportunity to reconnect and relax.

At Elemental Woman you can choose  a combination of clinical and holistic  supportive therapies that celebrate and reconnect to the feminine     

Mizan Therapy : Traditional Reproductive Healing

Mizan uses traditional healing techniques to help tackle conditions involving reproductive organs, the digestive system and emotional health.

These techniques are commonly used in India and further east for optimising women’s health.


It is a, external abdominal and pelvic massage that brings healing to the womb space and optimum health and well-being to women on both physical and emotional levels.Reconnect with your Feminine ! The sessions are centred around the individual and is suitable for those who are experiencing :







Initial consultation and appropriate botanicals or products and treatment £75.00 Follow up treatments £40.00 

Perinatal Reflexology ( Before, During and After Pregnancy)

What is Reflexology and how will it help me?

A holistic approach can often provide solutions to issues experienced through a womans' reproductive journey, often during the perinatal period and menopause, unpleasant symptoms may be tackled with simple yet effective strategies and guidance.    

Reflexology is a non invasive and gentle way of improving well - being.


Reflexologists use gentle stimulation of specific  reflex points in a systematic way to restore and maintain balance (Homeostasis).

There is a growing body of evidence to support the use of reflexology particularly in maternity care as it is considered safe and effective for alleviating common pregnancy discomforts it is particularly effective for Pelvic Girdle and Lower back pain.It has been found effective for 

Please see link below for information.

Reflexology may be used in the Post Natal period to optimize physical recovery and encourage lactation. A simple treatment to perform in the home which means a minimal amount of disruption to your routines.

Packages of reflexology sessions are a great choice, invest in 5 treatments get one free, to be used at your discretion. 

Term and Post Dates, (after 40 weeks)  short sessions of 30 minutes using specialist techniques  specifically to support the body and mind for the preparation of labour. 

Reflexology may help alleviate symptoms associated with anxiety and interrupted sleep patterns and can be particularly helpful through Menopause.

Initial consultation and treatment £47.00  Follow up treatments £40.00  

POST DATES CLINIC SESSIONS  £20.00                

Pregnancy Massage

A popular treatment for mums to be! Pregnancy massage can be enjoyed after 14 weeks of pregnancy.


Improving well-being and promoting true relaxation right up to the end of pregnancy. A plain nourishing carrier oil is used to keep the skin supple and soft.


You will be fully supported and massage can help to alleviate those common pregnancy discomforts.

* PGP pain

* Hip discomfort

* Promote relaxation / decrease anxiety

* Promote Oxytocin (a key hormone in Pregnancy)

Initial consultation and treatment  £47.00 Follow up treatments £40.00

Closing the Bones

​Closing the Bones is a traditional South American practice and ritual, it can be performed very soon after birth . There are no time limits on bone closings and can be enjoyed by all women. 


Gentle massage combined with the Rebozo a traditional shawl to re-close the pelvis and realign Uterus and bladder, belly binding is demonstrated, this can be done on a one to one basis or include a close female circle to celebrate the mothers journey.


A bone closing provides a safe, confidential space to talk about your  experiences whether it was recently or many years ago - Closing the Bones can be hugely beneficial for those going through Menopause or for those who have experienced loss either with a baby pregnancy or reproductive organs.


Bone closings can be performed one to one, or they can involve the woman's close female circle to celebrate her journey into motherhood, with nourishing food and drink, music, foot soaks, a full closing with scarves head to foot is done and a safe space is held for the woman by her circle. This is a deeply enjoyable process and one to be remembered! A great addition to a celebratory gathering for the woman. 


Home visits available.

One Closing the Bones allow at least 2 hours £95.00 subsequent massage sessions £40.00



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