“Providing training for knowledgeable, safe and effective reflexology treatments for the maternity journey”

• Are you passionate about supporting women through their maternity journey?

• The Elemental Maternity Reflexology Masterclass CPD course will provide 15 or 30 hours of Continual Professional Development (CPD).

• Option 1 This consists of two face to face facilitated learning days (15 hours) if you choose this option you will receive your certificate at the end of the final day after completing a summative assessment.

• Option 2 An additional 5 hours reading, and 2 x case studies with a minimum 2 treatments making up 10 hours in total will provide a total 30 hours this option is  desirable and you will have access to ongoing email or Skype support monthly up to six months following the course. Case studies must be completed within six months from the date of your training when they are submitted you will receive your certificate by post or collection.

• You will learn about  the four trimesters, including how they impact on the woman and her partners plus  common conditions  such a Nausea, Pelvic Girdle Pain encouraging  breast milk production and preparing  a new mothers transition to parenthood and how Reflexology can help support the woman holistically.

• Insights into the holistic needs of a woman experiencing pregnancy and the important philosophies and policies that impact on her choices and  decisions for her pregnancy,labour  birth & post natal periods within the maternity care system and beyond.

• This CPD course seeks to enlighten and educate therapists on the innate hormonal alchemy we possess and how continuity of trusted support enables the woman to optimize her maternity experience.

• If you have a desire to build upon your skills and provide gold standard woman - centred maternity reflexology in your practice the Elemental Maternity Reflexology Masterclass is a perfect addition to your skill-set