The Menopausal Maverick is a blog with my take on life and the work I do !

Menopause and the years leading up to it, seem to have a bad reputation, society is continually telling us that we must fight time get rid of any evidence of aging to remain valued and accepted according to some sources the symptoms of our menopause can be mild to life changing and NUMEROUS.


Coping with issues such as relationships, work, children leaving home and looking providing support to family members ,   whilst you yourself are evolving can be isolating and anxiety provoking... with my background as a health professional, holistic therapist and as a woman I meet many women who struggle with getting through their day and sleepless nights.   

​As I have read around the subject and undertaken training in Mizan Therapy , Aromatherapy and Reflexology over the years I understand that women loose themselves and need to be heard, often their stories are left untold to anyone.


 Invest in your self care get into the habit of receiving a quality treatment and holistic tips for well-being .


Your time is now ! Take the first step to creating confidence and inner knowledge 

take back your power.