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The Menopausal Maverick Menopausal online support

Peri/Menopause can be a tough transition physically emotionally mentally and spiritually!


Coping with change whilst you yourself are evolving can be isolating and anxiety provoking... with my background as a former health professional and as a human going through this difficult time I provide online support that is unbiased non judgmental and hopefully a bolt hole for you to drop anchor! I am a practising complementary therapist and tend to recommend a natural approach

  • Looking at causes rather than medicating symptoms however I am a lay person who is aware that Menopause may bring challenges to many women including societies views on mature women ! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if society treasured it’s enchantresses and crones then may be we would embrace our graceful aging!

Private Home Visits and one off sessions are welcome please contact me for availability and prices.