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Mothers Blessings Ceremony...

No quite a baby shower!

Instead of material gifts for the baby a Blessingway warmly celebrates the woman's journey into motherhood.

A traditional ritual thought toi originate from the Navajo Native American Indian Tribeswomen, however examples of this may be found in other Tribal groups

This Nurturing ritual seeks to positively affirm the women's connectedness with other women in her life. Perhaps stories can be told of how the women met and experiences they have shared there will be laughter and some tears!

The women gather to pamper and celebrate the mother to be, offering special simple gifts such as affirmation beads, candles or pebbles with positive words printed on them. Reminders of her strength and power for the birth and transition into motherhood.

Activities such as belly painting or foot soaks and massages are also great ideas.

A beautiful, joyful and empowering event celebrating sisterhood and motherhood with nourishing food and drink.

The mother to be or someone close to her would liaise with me to ensure it is a creative, unique experience to remember


Please contact me to discuss your personal requirements and preparations for the ceremony