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Restore: Reflective practices and consultancy services.


Are you a self-employed antenatal educator, doula, hypnobirthing instructor, birth-worker or therapist?


Perhaps you work within the NHS, as a student Midwife or Health Visitor, or perhaps a newly registered midwife, but do not feel comfortable accessing help with those who work in your ‘team’.


Birth workers/keepers, therapists and health professionals are exposed to complex decision making and we are exposed to complex situations with clients we must be self-aware of how our own perspectives impact, on our decision-making, our guidance, treatments and the type of support we wish to give.


Pregnant and birthing women and their family dynamics, are unique with individual and often complex needs, training may prepare us for the basics but it cannot prepare us for the emotional, mental and psychological aspects of care. Pressures at work and home, can result in conflict within ourselves and others!


As a self-employed practitioner you may work alone, this can be tough, as friends and family, although meaning well, may not understand the issues you face in your role. Struggling with unresolved problems can have a negative impact on your practice and make you feel disempowered and halt your development both personally and professionally.


Those who work in new hospitals, wards or large teams may feel unable to access help with sensitive problems; in both these cases online video conferencing in a safe secure space can be an advantage. Midwifery or Health Visiting Students may be struggling to balance academic learning with achieving competencies and may feel unable to share this particularly when living in halls and away from close friends.



One session £35.00

One session for Students £20.00

3 x  sessions £80.00

3 x  sessions for students £45.00

Via Skype or Zoom

—  Name, Title

Reflective supervision is an empirical technique used to promote continual professional development (CPD) and informs appraisals and validation. It is also a valuable tool to improve practice, critical thinking and decision making. Reflective supervision is not therapy! It is an opportunity to negotiate dilemmas and problems and to seek improvement in a personal or professional capacity enabling growth.


The sessions are confidential* and collaborative, you can be relaxed and discuss issues in a safe environment.


*Agreements are made prior to a session regarding disclosures. I operate within a national safeguarding policy framework to protect you, the client and/or vulnerable children/un-borns.


My background in Midwifery and Health Visiting underpins my knowledge base for reflection and supervision, I also have experience in safeguarding and facilitating Early Help Assessments, Children in Need (Section 17) and Child protection cases (Section 47).


Reflection Sessions are conducted via Skype or other conferencing apps. 


Meetings in person are available within a twenty mile radius of my home postcode travel/time costs are applicable.


Payments are made in advance prior to our session which will be scheduled.