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Level One Safeguarding Training for small to medium private sector businesses working with children including un-borns.


Safeguarding children is EVERYONES business and while it is not yet mandatory for private businesses to undertake training or for individuals to access agencies for guidance, a basic awareness of safeguarding is an asset to you and your practice and is a protective factor for you and your clients. Safeguarding applies to all individuals no matter what, social class, religion, colour, creed or gender.


Safeguarding is not about punishing parents, betraying confidences or being a snoop! Safeguarding is raising awareness of indicators and what to do if you have concerns.


In one of the worst cases of child neglect in the U.K. it was a Taxi driver who came to the aid of a desperate child despite the plethora of other agencies clinical staff, teachers, neighbours and members of the public who saw her, who all thought it was someone else’s job, sadly it was too late for this little girl but her demise saw changes to protect the vulnerable in society (Laming Report, 2009)


Currently, voluntary, community, and ALL public sector workers are obliged to undertake at least basic training in Safeguarding. I specialise in providing Local Safeguarding Children Board approved training package for those who work with children and un-borns, this includes: birth workers, student Midwives (ideal for competencies, clinical placements and portfolio) Doulas, massage and physical therapists, counsellor’s hypnobirthing instructors etc.


I also assist in creating individual safeguarding policies for private sector business and Guidance for DBS checks. This may be a welcome addition and benefit for your clients, who want to feel safe when engaging practitioners particularly those who come into the home.


The training would be specific to candidates in the public and private sector small to medium businesses including sole traders.


The training sessions take approximately 4 hours with scope for discussion and you will have a certificate for portfolios - this can go towards Continual Professional Development (CPD) hours too!


If you would like to book Level One Safeguarding Awareness Training Sessions click here


Level one Safeguarding Training one to one £100.00


Groups of four or more £70.00 pp refreshments included.


Payments are made in advance of training.